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Metallizing for Corrosion ControlHelpful information for successful Metallizing
Metallizing for Corrosion Control
Metalizing for Corrosion Control

Steel Structure Owners: Metalizing is a substitute for painting structural steel that protects steel for decades longer than paint alone. This is a proven process, which has been used around the world for 90 years. Steel of every shape and size may be metalized either in-shop before construction or on-site instead of less effective repainting. Metalizing is the most versatile and effective coating for protecting steel structures, such as bridges, available today.

Our company sells aluminum wire and zinc wire and the metalizing equipment used to apply these materials. We also offer consulting services on various aspects of metalizing, including material selection, specification writing and inspection. You may wish to subscribe to our newsletter for updates on applications, specifications and other industry news.

Remember that metalized coatings protect steel far longer than any paint and have a long record of success. On the pages that follow, we review some of the essentials for metalizing and some of its benefits. Contact us to access more of the information on this website, to download a newsletter or for help with your questions.

Metalizing Contractors: Call us for price and delivery of pure aluminum wire, pure zinc wire, zinc/aluminum, 85/15, alloy wire and metal spray equipment. [See available products under "Materials & Equipment".]



The metalizing information provided on this web site is intended for informational purposes only. This information is not intended to be a substitute for a thorough review of job specific information by the owner's engineering staff in consultation with experienced thermal spray applicators, who together are responsible for developing the specification and procedures for particular projects.

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