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Both electric arc-spray and flame spray produce fine coatings which are acceptable for aluminum, zinc, and zinc/aluminum alloy applications. The newer arc-spray systems give very high spray rates (the amount of metal sprayed in a given time) and high deposit efficiency (the amount of the metal sprayed which is deposited). Where large areas are to be coated, productivity is critical to cost effectiveness, and today's high production arc-spray equipment makes metalizing competitive with paint coatings on an installed cost basis.

The older flame spray technology may be better suited to spraying small cross sections, where its narrow spray pattern will produce less waste by over-spray.

The small price premium for a layer of sprayed-metal in place of a zinc-rich paint primer makes the life cycle cost (LCC) of a metalized coating more attractive than ever, and we know that LCC is the true measure of the owner's cost.

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Wire Compositions. Generally the wires used for atmospheric corrosion control are pure aluminum, pure zinc or an alloy of 85% zinc and 15% aluminum. These wires are available from stock or with short lead times.

Wire Diameters. These wires are available in diameters suitable for flame or arc-spraying and are in the range of 3/16" (4.76mm) through 1/16" (1.6mm or 14 gauge).

Packages. Standard packages include coils, various size spools and bulk packs.

Storage. Store all metalizing wires indoors in a dry well ventilated room to avoid any risk of oxidation.


The metalizing information provided on this web site is intended for informational purposes only. This information is not intended to be a substitute for a thorough review of job specific information by the owner's engineering staff in consultation with experienced themal spray applicators who together are responsible for developing the specification and procedures for particular projects.



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