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Offshore Oil Platforms
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Another very powerful argument in favor of metalizing is the experience of the Norwegian offshore oil production industry. Their choice to metalize is based on bridge metalizing in Norway where owners expect that a metalized coating will protect steel for 50 years. The offshore oil industry took notice of this very long coating life and applied the bridge metalizing experience to its own use beginning in the mid-1980's. One of the first major applications of metalizing was in 1991 in the Draugen field and subsequently in the Sleipner and Troll fields.

Typically, a platform has thermal sprayed aluminum (TSA) coatings on its bottom deck, lifeboat stations, bridges and flare boom. The total area metalized on one of these structures may be in the range of 20,000 m2 to 100,000 m2 or some 200,000 ft2 to more than 1,000,000 ft2. (Olaf Døble and Graham Pryde, "Use of Thermally Sprayed Aluminium in the Norwegian Offshore Industry", Protective Coatings Europe, April 1997.)



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