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Metallizing for Corrosion Control
Potable Towers
Potable Water Tanks
Locks and Dam Gates
Locks and Dam Gates
Offshore oil platforms
Offshore oil platforms

Bridges and other structures have been metalized for decades. It is well documented that these coatings protect steel for 30 years.

Atmospheric and immersion service. Metalized structures include bridges, dam gates, harbor installations, buoys, power transmission poles.

State Departments of Transportation have developed special metalized cathodic protection systems to protect reinforcing steel in concrete. These are either galvanic (passive) or impressed current systems. The metallic zinc coating functions as an anode to protect the steel rebar cathode.

High temperature coatings. Gas pipeline compressor mufflers, gas turbine silencers, chimneys & stacks, coal fired boiler tubes, and other high service temperature structures may be coated for long term corrosion control.

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